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That night Katherine sleeps in the same room with her sisters. Their… - The Neverending Story? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 24th, 2004|10:54 pm]
The storyteller


That night Katherine sleeps in the same room with her sisters. Their parents and Laura sleep in the upper rooms of the house. That night Katherine cannot sleep. She keeps pondering what could be sealed inside those mysterious boxes. She sneaks out of the room and down the stairs. The boxes aren't in the kitchen anymore. She makes sure no one sees her and goes outside. It's cold, she covers herself with her cape and runs across the windy yard. The small puddles of mud have started to freeze up. Katherine trips and falls on one of the puddles. She gets up and runs a bit more carefully to the stable.
None of the horses were making any sound as Katherine entered the stable. She walks towards Shadine's box and opens its door quietly. She lets her horse out and takes it outside. As she walks Shadine out of the gate Katherine looks towards a hill. Up on that little hill there's that dark man again. Katherine cannot see him clearly, the moonlight blocks her view at some points as it shines right behind the man. Katherine gets on Shadine's back and rides towards the hill.
Laura wakes up after a nightmare. She gasps and gets slowly up. As she looks out of the window she has to sit back down. Katherine. Laura gets dressed as quickly as she can, runs downstairs and outside. The stable door is open and some of the horses have started to walk out. Laura grabs one of the horses and gets on its back. As she rides after Katherine, she shouts her name.
-Miss Katherine! You must not go there! Your place is here, within the borders of the manor! Miss Katherine!
Katherine hears someone screaming her name and she slows Shadine down a little. She looks behind her and sees Laura chasing her. Katherine stops and looks around her. She wants to go to the mysterious man, but she couldn't prevent from running into Laura. Suddenly she sees a small path leading to a small forest. She turns Shadine and rides into the woods. Laura stops and curses. She couldn't catch Katherine anymore, so she turns the horse around and rides back to the mansion. The man upon the hill rides away aswell.

From: punkadeegal
2004-04-24 05:15 pm (UTC)
=o very nice
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