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Katherine rides deep into the forest. She wants to get rid of Laura… - The Neverending Story? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The storyteller

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[May. 1st, 2004|06:31 pm]
The storyteller


Katherine rides deep into the forest. She wants to get rid of Laura and doesn't really look where she's going and gets lost. When she realizes that, she gets off of Shadine and ties her to a branch. Then Katherine starts to explore her surroundings. It's really late and the weather is awfully cold. Katherine gets scared by an owl, which flies right upon her, screaming into the dark. Katherine hides behind a big pine tree and fearfully looks behind it.
Shadine starts neighing and pulling its bridles. Something comes slowly towards Katherine and Shadine, which tries to get free and run away. But the bridles are tightly tied to the branch.
Katherine sees a large, dark figure coming towards. She gets down and start to sob quietly, she's scared and wants to go home. But she can't. The figure gets closer and closer, until it's right in front of Katherine. Shadine stops neighing suddenly and it's all quiet. Carefully Katherine rises her head.
-Little girl, what are you doing here, deep in the dark forest all by yourself? asks a friendly voice in the dark. Katherine slowly gets up so she could see who it is.
-I... I... I wanted to get rid of my guardian, Laura. She wasn't happy about me leaving my home at this time of night, Katherine answers still sniveling a little.
-Come, my child, lets get you into a nice warm house, says the voice. Katherine cannot see who it is, as it's too dark and the tears are still blocking her sight.
The someone takes Katherine into a small cottage in the middle of the forest. The cottage is cozy and warm, it reminds Katherine of a cottage of Little Red Ridinghood's grandmother.
The fireplace is lit and Katherine can finally see who saved her from the dark, cold forest. An old lady, dressed in an old, grey gown. She has her old ragged cape on her shoulders. The old lady lifts the fire with a couple of logs and twigs she collects from the floor. Katherine sits on a chair and looks at the lady.
-Now, who are you, little girl? the old lady asks.
-I'm Katherine, the daughter of the master clerk, Katherine answers.
-Nice to meet you, little Katherine. My name is Ann. I'm a hermitess, and i live in this little cottage with my little friends, the old lady says.
-Your little friends? Katherine asks.
-Yes, would you like to meet them? Ann asks. Katherine nods and hops off of the chair. Ann takes Katherine's hand and leads her into another room. A bedroom. Ann kneels down and reaches for something under the bed. She places it on the bed and Katherine runs to the bed and jumps on it. As she sits down and looks at the object on the bed.
-Hey, my sisters and my parents all brought the same kind of boxes to our house, Katherine says.

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