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The story begins - The Neverending Story? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The storyteller

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The story begins [Apr. 18th, 2004|07:59 pm]
The storyteller


[The mind of the author |artisticartistic]
[The voices in the author's head |are silenced]

What are we? Where are we? That is something a little girl is wondering. She sits on the floor of her room. The cold stone floor feels uncomfortable, but her guardian told her to sit there and wait. Wait for what? Mother was away, Emily wasn't supposed to come back until in a few days, father was taken to somewhere... Why did that silly little woman tell me to sit here, she ponders and stares at her old rag-doll lying under the chair.
The little girl, Katherine is her name, gets up and pulls the chair under a window she can't reach. The window is narrow and covered with a waxed cloth to prevent the wind blowing inside and put out the fire of the fireplace. Katherine climbs on the chair and stands on her toes so she can see outside.
The sun is setting. A mild wind blows to Katherine's face as she looks around. The yard is empty, well, almost. Only the skinny little goat and a couple of chickens run around the yard. The garden gate is open and someone's dog runs to the garden. Katherine sees a man with a black horse far, far away on a small hill just behind the village church.
-Miss Katherine! What on earth are you doing? Get down before your mother arrives! shouts Laura, Katherine's guardian. Her apron is filled with white flour spots, her black gown has white handprints here and there, her hair is messy and she's sweating a bit. Katherine looks at her and gets down from the chair. Laura takes her hand and goes downstairs with her.
-What on earth made you do that, young lady? Laura asks and tells Katherine to turn around. Her little, blue dress is dusty, since she sat on the floor. Laura rubs it off and looks at Katherine's face. Her light brown curls frame her pretty face.
Katherine is a 6-year-old little girl, well, in her time she was a teenager at that age. Her eyes are bright blue and big. Everyone always thinks she's an angel, but she holds a secret no one else could never know. Katherine lives with her mother, two sisters and her father. No one else pays her any attention but her guardian, the ever so worrying Laura, and the man she saw standing on the little hill. Everyone else just thinks she's a perfect little girl who'd never do any harm or get to any trouble.
Laura, Katherine's guardian, is in her late twenties, some would say she's already getting old. Her dark hair is always messy and she always wears the same gown, that pitch black gown and the little blue apron which is covered with flour spots every now and then. Laura's eyes remind people of an old doll's eyes, meaningless, empty, grey eyes that won't show any life behind them, only worry and sadness. Her face is narrow, cheeks dented, her skin is pale and she avoids sunlight as much as possible.
Katherine wriggles from Laura's grip. She runs to the kitchen and Laura follows her. Katherine climbs on one of the worktops and looks out of the window. She sees a carriage pulled by two black mares. Her mother is back. Katherine climbs down and runs to the front door. She opens it and runs to the gate. The driver stops the mares in front of the gate and helps Katherine's mother, Mirabella, out of the carriage. She's holding a package. Katherine runs to her mother and lifts her arms up so Mirabella could take her in her arms. But she seems to ignore Katherine and walks inside the house.
-You are supposed to take care of my daughter, Mirabella hisses to Laura as she walks by her. Mirabella walks into the kitchen and places the package on the table. Katherine runs inside and climbs on a chair beside the table. Mirabella looks at her daughter who smiles happily.
The brown paper of the package is soon ripped off. All three, Mirabella, Laura and Katherine, look at a black metal box. Its lid is covered with extraordinary ornaments and symbols. Katherine finds it pretty but Laura backs off. Mirabella looks at Laura in a bit weird way but then starts to open the box. It won't open. Katherine helps her mother, but neither of them manages to open it. Laura goes into the hall and starts lighting the fireplace and some candles on the tables.
Katherine hears a clatter of horses hooves and runs outside again. Emily and Eliza, Katherine's older sisters, have come back. The driver stops the carriage in front of the gate again and helps both girls out. They're also carrying packages and Katherine wonders where they got them. She follows her sisters inside. They also got extraordinary black metal boxes. When Laura walks in the kitchen and sees the boxes, she says:
-Where did you get those? You should not have taken them, they are from the nest of evil... Then she runs away. Mirabella snorts at her and starts examinig the boxes with her daughters.

From: punkadeegal
2004-04-18 11:52 am (UTC)
Very interesting. Keep writing =o
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