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Later that evening Katherine sits in her room with her sisters. They… - The Neverending Story? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 20th, 2004|10:49 pm]
The storyteller


Later that evening Katherine sits in her room with her sisters. They play with Katherine's dolls and talk about what they had done that day.
-Sir Valdenz let me ride his horse, says Eliza, the oldest daughter of the family. She isn't older than 12, her hair is black and straight, her skin is pale and her eyes are as blue as the ocean. She strokes the velvety texture of her dress and looks at her sisters.
-It was a pretty white stallion called Marcus, she continues.
-That's nothing, says Emily, the second oldest daughter. She's only about 10 years old, her hair is brown and a bit curly, her skin is darker than her sisters' and her eyes are green. Her cotton dress isn't as beautiful as her older sister's, but it is one of her favourites. Emily continues:
-Remember that knight we saw few days ago? He let me ride his horse, that black stallion, remember? His name is Arthur and the knight rode me to the market place where we were supposed to meet.
-Why can't I ever do anything fun? says Katherine in a sulky way. She turns around and says nothing. Eliza and Emily look at each other. They whisper something to each other, then grab Katherine's arms and drag her downstairs. Katherine screams at the top of her lungs but her sisters keep pulling her outside. Laura hears the scream and runs to the front door.
-What on earth are you doing? Let you sister go, can't you see she's hurting? Laura runs to the girls and forces them to let Katherine go.
-We were just going to show her something, Emily pleads. Eliza says nothing.
-Let me go, Laura, i wasn't hurting, Katherine says and extracts her arm from Laura's grip. Katherine follows her sisters to the stable, Laura is left alone to the yard.
Emily covers Katherine's eyes and leads her to the direction Eliza goes and tells her not to open her eyes until they say so. Horses greet the girls in their own special way, some scratch the ground or the walls with their feet, some make noises. Finally Emily tells Katherine she can look.
-Is that... for me? Katherine asks and carefully walks towards her sisters.
-Yes, she is yours, Eliza says. Katherine is looking at a pretty dark grey horse, its mane is bright white, otherwise it's all dark, almost black. Katherine goes and pets the horse's head.
-I'm going to call her... Shadine, Katherine says finally. Emily and Eliza smile and start petting Shadine too.
Suddenly the stable door opens and someone walks in.
-What are you doing here? someone says. The girls turn around.
-Father! they all shout and run towards the door. Katherine jumps to his father's arms and hugs him. Emily and Eliza hug him aswell.
-What are you girls doing here? he asks again.
-We just wanted to show Katherine her new horse, Shadine, Emily says. They all walk out. Their father is a tall, dark haired man. His face is a bit wrinkled, tanned and he looks tired all the time. His eyes are grey. He wears only black clothes, no one really knows why.
-Did you get something for us, father? Katherine asks.
-Why yes i did actually, he answers and lets Katherine down. They all go in and to the kitchen. Mirabella is still there, helping Laura to make dinner. She looks at the people coming in.
-Conrad, my darling! How was your journey? Mirabella asks as she hugs her husband.
-It was very tiring, my love, he answers and hugs his wife. Then he takes his bag, pulls a brown package out and puts it on the table. Laura looks over Mirabella's shoulder and jumps backwards as she sees what's inside.
-Sir, you shouldn't have taken that... you shouldn't! Laura screams and runs out again. The family looks at her, shrug and again try to open the boxes.

From: punkadeegal
2004-04-20 02:52 pm (UTC)
=o mysterious boxes...
I'm glad the sisters are nicer than Katherines mother x.x;
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